Why is the disparity is so great.
"The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer"

We have all heard that old saying and it is easy to believe, given that 0.7% of the population now controls 41% of all capital wealth on Earth.

The "System" programs the greater majority to fail and we, all of us, are the system.

However that progamming can be overcome.

Why is the disparity is so great?

Can one person truly be a million or a billion times more intelligent, talented or industrious than another? That's ridiculous. Unrewarded genius is a cliche. There are many who work hard their entire lives and never get the brass ring. I refuse to believe that it is destiny, karma, mystic forces, quantum vibrations or just plain luck. So there must be something else in play.


After a lifetime of study, I came to some realizations...

First, each of us is the exclusive stakeholder in our own success.

Second, there is a force that governs these outcomes but it has to do with human nature - not some cosmic force.

Third, there is a simple governing principle. It surrounds and sustains us like the air we breathe and like the air - it hides in plain sight. It is called the Rule of More and to learn more, please come to one of our up-coming seminars.


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